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Site Validation

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2006 - Validierung von EMV-Emissionsmessplätzen im Frequenzbereich 1 GHz bis 18 GHz nach dem Site VSWR-Verfahren Abstract  Paper
2005 - Validating Anechoic Chambers Above 1 GHz Using a Reciprocal Site VSWR Technique Abstract Paper
2005 - Multi-Purpose Anechoic Chambers - EMC (SAR/FAR) to Antenna Measurements Abstract Paper
2005 - Advances in Site Validation Techniques above 1 GHz - Chamber Validation Using a Field Probe Abstract Slides
2004 - Chamber Influence Estimation for Radiated Emission Testing in the Frequency Range of 1 GHz to 18 GHz Abstract Paper
2003 - Messtechnische Untersuchung des Einflusses der Erdung von CISPR-25-Emissionsmessplätzen Abstract Paper
2003 - Analysis of the CISPR 25 Component Test Setup Abstract Paper
2003 - Verifikation der NSA von Absorberhallen mit Hilfe von Breitbanddipolen Abstract Paper
2002 - An Accurate Validation Procedure for Component Testing Chambers Abstract Paper
2002 - Validation of Semi-Anechoic Chambers with Tuned Halfwave-Dipoles Working over a Wide Frequency Band Abstract Paper
2001 - Conversion of Semi to Fully Anechoic Rooms per CENELEC prEN50147-3 Abstract Paper
2001 - From NSA to Site-Reference Method for EMC Test Site Validation Abstract Paper
2001 - Fully Anechoic Room Validation Measurements to CENELEC prEN50147-3 Abstract Paper
2001 - Site Attenuation of Limited-Size Ground planes for vertical Polarisation Abstract Paper
1999 - Introducing Height Correction Factors for Accurate Measurements with Biconical Antennas above Groundplane Abstract Paper
1999 - Site-Reference Method for EMC Test Site Validation Abstract Paper


Products and Measurement Systems

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2008 - The Site VSWR Procedure for the Validation of EMC Emission Test Sites in the 1GHz to 18 GHz frequency range Abstract Paper
2008 - Comb Generator Measurements Techniques Abstract Paper
2007 - Conducted and Radiated Comb Generator Measurement Techniques Abstract Paper
2006 - Influence of H-Plane Pattern Performance of the Omnidirectional Transmit Antenna to the Site VSWR Result Abstract Paper
2006 - Algorithm for Noise-Data Reduction for Long-Term EMF Monitoring Systems Abstract Paper
2006 - Comb Gen Coax Output and System Abstract Paper
2005 - EMF Measurement Tasks and Frequency Selective Evaluation Methods for RF-Communication Facilities Abstract Paper
2004 - System Check of Frequency Selective EMC/EMF-Measurement Systems Abstract Slides
2004 - Field Nose, a Frequency Selective and Isotropic System for Long-Term EMF Measurements and Monitoring Abstract Paper
2004 - Calculation of the Measurement uncertainty for the field Measurement system field nose Abstract Paper
2004 - Paralleles Langzeitmonitoring von Basisstationssignalen unter Berücksichtigung meteorologischer Einflüsse Abstract Paper
2004 - Frequency Selective analysis of the isotropy behaviour and measurement uncertainty of the field strength measurement system Field Nose Abstract Paper
2004 - System Check bei Störfeldstärkemessungen mit Ref Rad 3000 Abstract Slides
2002 - Frequenzselektive Analyse des Isotropieverhaltens und der Messunsicherheit für das Feldstärke Messverfahren Add3D Abstract Paper
2000 - Add3D, a new technique for precise power flux density measurements at mobile communications base stations Abstract Paper



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2016 - Saturation of Active Loop Antennas Abstract Paper
2015 - Characterization and Correction of Calibration Jigs for LISN Impedance Measurements Abstract Paper
2014 - Emissionsmessungen im GHz-Bereich – Bestimmung des Einflusses des Nahfeldes von großen Prüflingen Abstract Paper
2008 - Calculation of Antenna Pattern Influence on Radiated Emission Measurement Uncertainty Abstract Paper
2003 - Measurement Methods and Legal Requirements for Exposure Assessment next to GSM Base Stations Abstract Paper
2000 - Investigation of Mobile Phone Antennas with Regard to Power Efficiency and Radiation Safety Abstract Paper
1999 - Precise Calibration of Electric Field Sensors for Radiated-Susceptibility Testing Abstract Paper



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