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2000 - Investigation of Mobile Phone Antennas with Regard to Power Efficiency and Radiation Safety

H. Haider, H. Garn, G. Neubauer, G. Schmid

COST 259 Workshop on Mobile Terminal and Human Body Interaction Bergen, Norwegen, 26.-27. April 2000

Numerical calculations using the finite-difference time-domain method and phantom measurements have shown that the exposure of the brain of an operator using a 900 MHz GSM mobile phone is by a factor of 4 or more below the most strict limits (IEEE C95.1). A novel, durable heterogeneous phantom of the human head has been developed. It allows repeatable measurements of the so-called specific absorption rate over years. The SAR of 7 commercial available GSM 900 mobile phones were evaluated. Also typical antennas of mobile phones were simulated and compared to new developed antennas in that project. One of those antennas reduces the amount of maximum SAR values produced in the human head by a factor of 3 in comparison to the conventional helical design. Thus, power efficiency and radiation safety are improved.  

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