Radio Frequency Engineering



The MF EASY is a scalable and flexible multichannel measurement and assessment system for magnetic fields in the frequency range DC – 400 kHz. It is available with 5 or 10 (on request up to 15) fully isotropic measurement channels enabling simultaneous magnetic field measurements on 5 or 10 (15) measurement positions.

Different standard probe types (sizes and shapes) are available for the MF EASY, customized probes are available on request. Iso-centrically arranged coil and Hall sensor enable a measurement frequency range from DC to 400 kHz and a measurement sensitivity suitable for assessing human exposure.

Special probes (e.g., miniature Hall probes) enable to use MF EASY also for on-site detection and analysis of EMC problems and other applications.

The MF EASY can be powered from 12 V battery and is therefore perfectly usable for on-vehicle measurements.


Product Highlights

  • Scalable number of measurement channels

  • Time Domain measurements

  • Frequency Range DC – 400 kHz

  • Iso-centric arrangement of Coil and Hall sensors

  • Different probe sizes and shapes available

  • Up to 5 m probe cable length

  • Clear and flexible user interface for measurement control

  • On-the-fly exposure assessment according to many relevant human safety standards (including weighted peak method)

  • 12 V power supply enables on-vehicle measurements



Please find the Technical Data in our

>> MF EASY leaflet