Table Influence

Radio Frequency Engineering

Validation of Table Influence

Measurement Description

The Table Influence (TI) is measured according to CISPR 16-1-4 in the frequency range 200 MHz – 18 GHz.

A small biconical transmit antenna and/or small omni directional antenna is placed over the set-up table in horizontal polarisation and the received field strength is recorded in the nominal test distance, with is used for the radiated disturbance measurements. The table is removed and the field strength is recorded again. The uncertainty contribution to be used in the RE-testing uncertainty budget is calculated from these two field strength readings.

This evaluation shall be performed on any set-up table with a height of more than 0.15 m.

For measurement with the customer’s equipment, we need a calibrated test receiver or spectrum analyser with GPIB interface, antennas, cabling and antenna mast with GPIB.


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