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The Site VSWR Procedure for the Validation of EMC Emission Test Sites in the 1 GHz to 18 GHz frequency range

DI Alexander Kriz, DI Wolfgang Müllner, DI (FH) Patricia Jasek; Austrian

Safety & EMC (English Edition), May 2008, pages 6-10

Until 2007, radiated disturbance measurements in accordance with CISPR had only been defined for the 1 GHz frequency range. The full standards which are now available describe the measurement of emissions in the 1 GHz plus frequency range as well as the requirements for the test site necessary to do this. A new procedure ("Site VSWR") was developed to characterise the test site which is described in the following paper. The requirements made on the validation broadband omnidirectional antenna are stringent. ARC developed and patented a precision antenna of this type.


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