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2005 - Validating Anechoic Chambers Above 1 GHz Using a Reciprocal Site VSWR Technique

A. Kriz International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility 2005,
ISBN: Softbound 0-7803-9380-5; CD-ROM 0-7803-9381-3

In this paper, three validation methods for anechoic chambers above 1 GHz are presented. They are related to the Site VSWR concept developed by CISPR/A. The Reciprocal Site VSWR method as well as the Site VSWR method are proper methods to validate EMC chambers. The use of omnidirectional field probes and omnidirectional antenna does not have a significant impact on the test result. The required time for the Reciprocal Site VSWR method is significantly higher. For antenna and microwave chambers other methods using continuous scan techniques have to be applied.

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