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Radio Frequency Engineering

1999 - Site-Reference Method for EMC Test Site Validation

H. Garn, W. Müllner, M. Buchmayr Frequenz, Vol.53, Heft 7-8, p. 151-157, 1999

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance testing for the CE-certification of electronic apparatus involves the measurement of radiated-emissions in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz. To achieve equivalent test results from different testing laboratories, test sites must be of validated, standard-performance. This paper suggests two substantial improvements to the standard site validation procedure: (i) Precise, numerically calculated reference values of site attenuation for tuned dipoles are given. (ii) The new "site-reference method" for site validation is suggested. It avoids the determination of the antenna factors of transmit and receive antenna and minimizes uncertainties in the measurement result. This improves the reliability of judgements upon site performance and helps to economize the design of test facilities, e. g. anechoic chambers.

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