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2005 - EMF Measurement Tasks and Frequency Selective Evaluation Methods for RF-Communication Facilities

H. Haider, G. Neubauer, M. Kollar

6th International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electromagnetic Ecology, 2005, St. Petersburg

In this paper we point out the most relevant content of the ICNIRP guidelines and derive from these standard EMF measurement tasks such as ‘In Situ Measurements’, ‘Compliance Assessment Measurements’ and ‘RF-Monitoring’. Different requirements and background for these RF-field strength measurement tasks and their specific needs of technical equipment were discussed. Following that, we evaluate and compare up-to-date RF-measurement methods like field probes measurements or frequency selective methods using antennas. Here we consider point screening methods like the ‘Isotropic Spatial Averaging Method’ and the currently most popular ‘Sweeping Method’ for isotropic and frequency selective measurements as well as monitoring methods. Afterwards we focus on frequency selective, isotropic long-term EMF measurements performed with a ‘Field Nose’ system in the frequency range from 80 MHz up to 2.5 GHz and present effective methods for data reduction of such long-term measurements. 

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