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Radio Frequency Engineering

1999 - Precise Calibration of Electric Field Sensors for Radiated-Susceptibility Testing

H. Garn, M. Buchmayr, W. Müllner

Frequenz, Vol. 53, Nr.9-10, p. 189-194, 1999

Judgements upon the CE-compliance of products are of great economic importance. Therefore, the calibration of field sensors for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) susceptibility testing in the frequency range of 80 - 1000 MHz calls for traceability, optimum accuracy and economy. In the Seibersdorf calibration laboratory, this has been achieved by application of a TEM-cell and a set of precision reference dipoles. A broadband reference sensor is calibrated on the basis of these high-precision primary standards with an expanded uncertainty (at two standard deviations) of 0.4 dB. Routine calibrations are performed by an economized, swept-frequency substitution method using the reference sensor. The expanded uncertainty is 0.5 dB, providing a reliable basis for industrial EMC measurements.   

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