Radio Frequency Engineering

Accredited Re-Calibration

Service for EMC Test Sites

The EMC test site (Semi Anechoic Chamber, Fully Anechoic Room) of an accredited test house has to be calibrated on a regular basis (like all test instruments). It is a requirement of ISO 17025 to demonstrate the compliance of the test site at regular intervals - even when there was no modification in the construction since the last evaluation.

Seibersdorf Labor GmbH is market leader for the manufacturer independent and accredited validation of EMC test sites. Our team offers a new service for the regular re-calibration of EMC test sites.



  • accredited calibration of the EMC test site
  • confirmation of compliance to performance limits, requested by the standards
  • report for the presentation to customers and accreditation bodies


  • trouble shooting and site improvements
  • setup optimization



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