Radio Frequency Engineering


Antennas - Accuracy on the highest level

The PLA-R and PLA-T are active, battery powered receive and transmit loop antennas for the frequency range 9 kHz - 30 MHz intended for radiated emission testing (PLA-R) and site validation: Normalized site Attenuation, Shielding Effectiveness (PLA-SET consisting of PLA-R and PLA-T) 

The POD 16 and POD 618 are precision broadband omnidirectional dipole antennas with conically shaped radiation elements covered by an RF-transparent radome. This rugged construction enables excellent dipole-like radiation pattern up to 18 GHz.
Fully compliant to CISPR 16-1-4 for site validation above 1 GHz.

On the basis of the Primary Standard Dipole Antenna PRD we developed broadband antennas (PCD 3100 and PCD 8250), which provide the following advantages compared to the antennas which have been on the market

  • Very accurate symmetry of the antenna
  • Dipole like directional characteristics up to 3 GHz for the application of the Add3D method
  • Worldwide references of satisfied customers



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