PCD 8250

Radio Frequency Engineering

Precision Conical Dipole PCD 8250

Highly Accurate Antenna for

  • Exposure evaluation next to mobile communication facilities e.g. GSM and UMTS base stations
  • Accurate RF radiation safety measurements e.g. nearby broadcast stations or in buildings
  • All kinds of field strength measurements where high precision, a wide frequency range and small antenna dimensions are required
  • Measurements according to our Field Nose method


Technical Data for PCD 8250

  • Frequency range: 80 MHz – 3 GHz
  • Dimensions: Antenna width: 13 cm
  • Support length: 12.7 cm
  • Balun symmetry: better than ± 0.15 dB
  • Sensitivity:
    0.8 mV/m at 80 MHz
    0.1 mV/m at 600 MHz
    0.2 mV/m at 900 MHz
    0.4 mV/m at 1800 MHz
    1.1 mV/m at 2500 MHz
  • Connector type: SMA, female


Options available

  • accredited individual free-space calibration with certificate
  • Ferrite beaded cables in different length
  • Antenna holder for horizontal and vertical mounting on tripods
  • Special antenna holder for Add3D measurements mounting on tripods
  • Evaluation software for different receivers

Delivered with typical free-space calibration data, transportation case and manual