Accredited Calibration

Radio Frequency Engineering

We offer accredited Calibration Services for

>> Antennas

>> Field probes

>> RF test equipment

>> Accreditation

During the recent years we have made scientific investigations regarding calibration procedures, which have been published and integrated in the European and International standards. The calibration of antennas and field probes in Seibersdorf is done on the reference open area test site, in three different TEM-Cells and in the fully anechoic chamber. The open area test site is one of the best in Europe. Since 1996 we are the accredited calibration laboratory according to Akkreditierung Austria 0612 for antennas and field probes.

Akkreditierung Austria 0612 is recognised in all  EA (European co-operation for accreditation) member states and since September 22, 2002 also in all  ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) since Austria is a member of these organisations.