RF Test Equipment

Radio Frequency Engineering

Calibration of RF test equipment


We calibrate following types of RF test equipment:

  • EMF test systems (frequency selective)
  • EMF test systems (broadband)
  • Field strength transfer standards (e.g. RefRad)
  • Line Impedance Stabilisation Network (LISN)
  • Cable, attenuator, coupler
  • Antenna
  • Field Probe

Calibration Quantities:

  • RF-power
  • RF-attenuation
  • Antenna factor
  • Electric field strength
  • Magnetic field strength

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How to proceed for calibration?

Send us or our representative the specification of your equipment by filling in the calibration request form and you will get a quotation.


For information about the time schedule you have to send us an e-mail of call our filed probe specialist Mr. Markus Henien or Mr. Patrick Preiner.