RF Test Equipment

Radio Frequency Engineering

Calibration of RF test equipment

We calibrate following types of RF test equipment:

  • EMF test systems (frequency selective)
  • EMF test systems (broadband)
  • Field strength transfer standards (e.g. RefRad)
  • Line Impedance Stabilisation Network (LISN)
  • Cable, attenuator, coupler
  • Antenna
  • Field Probe

Calibration Quantities:

  • RF-power
  • RF-attenuation
  • Antenna factor
  • Electric field strength
  • Magnetic field strength


How to proceed for calibration?

Send us or our representative the specification of your antenna by filling in the calibration request form and you will get a quotation.

For information about the time schedule you have to send us an e-mail or call our antenna specialist Mr. Patrick Preiner.


Calibration contracts

For regular routine calibration of antennas, field probes and other RF test equipment we offer calibration contracts with many advantages.