About us

Radio Frequency Engineering

Our business unit Radio Frequency Engineering is specialized in:

>> Calibration of antennas and field probes
        used for the measurement of electromagnetic compatibility

>> Site evaluation and validation of EMC measurement equipment

>> Products

The activities of our business unit are based on long lasting scientific research works. The research output is in the line with European and international standardisation works and is published at scientific conferences. For our products the research output is the basis for a continuous development.

We operate in the international market. However, our main focus is on the European and Asian market where good relationship and close cooperation with business partners​​​​​​​ are maintained. Among its customers there are manufacturers of EMC test facilities, operators of EMC test houses, research centers, universities and companies measuring the electromagnetic fields generated by mobile communication base stations.

Our accreditation for calibration of antennas and field probes according to ISO 17025 is given by the Akkreditierung Austria and the registration number is 0612. This accreditation is recognised world-wide in all EA and ILAC member states.

We successfully completed more than 1000 validation measurements regarding radiated-emission and radiated susceptibility test site performance since 1990 for all major test site producers world-wide, for large EMC test centers and small pre-compliance facilities. We performed more than 25000 antenna and field sensors calibrations for EMC test laboratories in Europe and Asia.

Our products and services are used by BSMI Taiwan, KEC-Japan, Philips, Rohde & Schwarz, Hewlett Packard, Liberty Labs, TÜV, Swisscom, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Hyundai, KIA, IBM, Cetecom, Motorola and many, many others.


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