Radio Frequency Engineering

RF References

  • More than 700 performance evaluations and expert´s reports regarding radiated-emission and radiated susceptibility sites world-wide since 1990 for all major test site producers.
  • More than 13.000 antenna and field sensors calibrations for EMC test laboratories in Europe.
  • POD antenna with manual and automatic antenna stand and test software for Site VSWR testing operated by major chamber manufacturers and test labs world wide.
  • Our Precision Reference Dipoles are operated at e.g. BSMI-Taiwan, CSELT, ITRI-Taiwan, KEC-Japan, NPL, Philips, Rohde & Schwarz, LGAI, Liberty Labs.
  • Our Field Nose System is operated by TESEO, Seibersdorf, R&S Columbia, R&S Spain, Bouyges Telecom and many others.