CTIA Validation

Radio Frequency Engineering

CTIA Validation

Measurement Description

CTIA validation is done according to the “Test Plan for Mobile Station over the Air Performance”, April 2005, Revision 2.1.

Section 3: The test includes the Phi-Axis Ripple Test at 6 positions and the Theta-Axis Ripple Test at 7 positions at 2 frequencies: 836.5 MHz and 1880 MHz with 2 antenna types (dipole and loop) at each frequency. The test has to be performed with the customer’s antenna positioner. We provide calibrated antennas.

Section 4: Substitution measurement for calibrating the receive path of the test system at 2 frequencies: 836.5 MHz and 1880 MHz using our calibrated antennas.

The measurements in Section 3 and Section 4 will be done with customer’s equipment. Network analyser, positioner, antenna adapter, cabling, test software and all other necessary test equipment has to be provided calibrated by the customer. The calibrated antennas can be provided by Seibersdorf Laboratories. If the customer aspires an accreditation it’s recommended to perform the test with customer’s antennas.

We also offer Software Verification (Appendix B and D), Uncertainty Calculation (Appendix G), Calibration of Antennas and Training & Consulting to prepare for the CTIA Audit.


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