PLA-R Receive Antenna

Precision Loop Antenna

The PLA-R antenna is an active, battery powered loop antenna for fully compliant radiated disturbance measurements. Due to the broad frequency range from 9 kHz to 30 MHz it is suitable for all emission standards.

A very low noise floor allows for compliance measurements with low limits. Furthermore, the passive operation mode ensures that strong emissions e.g. from wireless charging applications are no problem.

With the integrated tripod, positioning is convenient and fast as the loop antenna needs to be oriented in x, y and z orientation. Two integrated laser pointers support the alignment.

Saturation Indication:

The patent pending circuit avoids erroneous measurements. In case of overload the PLA-R generates a pulsed signal which saturates the EMI receiver. The detection is done “automatically” by the EMI measurement software. No further saturation control mechanism is required. This works with all modern EMI receivers and test software.

Product Highlights:

    • Patent pending saturation indication
    • Very low noise floor
    • Fully compliant to CISPR 16-1-4 (draft)
    • Integrated tripod with laser alignment
    • Battery powered
    • Individually calibrated

    Please find the Technical Data in our PLA-R leaflet.

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    Leaflet PLA-R