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We are pleased to send you the "RF-Engineering" Newsletter 1/2019 from Seibersdorf Laboratories.

EMV 2019 Stuttgart

This year we are represented on the EMV 2019 exhibition from March 19th − 21st in Stuttgart. On our booth C.2 106 our experts: Leopold Heiss, Patrick Preiner, Martin Zöchling and Wolfgang Müllner are available and appreciate meeting you.


Our new PLA Loop Antennas PLA-R and PLA-T and the antenna stand SAM will be presented


If you need an entry voucher please contact our secretary
Email: Bettina Wachtler].

Calibration of Antenna Directional Characteristic

It' a requirement of CISPR 16-1-4 that the test house knows the directional characteristic of the antennas used for radiated emission testing above 1 GHz and that the requirements on the 3dB beam width of the antenna are fulfilled. As manufacturer's data of the directional characteristic are usually typical data an individual calibration is recommended.

Seibersdorf Laboratories offers accredited calibration of the directional characteristic which can easily be combined with the regular calibration of antenna factor, gain, VSWR and cross polarization.

Precision Loop Antenna – PLA-R

Active receive antenna - battery powered - with low noise preamp and passive mode for strong signals. It's compliant to CISPR 16-1-4 and standards for radiated emission testing in the frequency range 9 kHz – 30 MHz.

Waveform independent saturation detection to avoid wrong testing results.

An antenna mounting and stand for easy change of orientation (x, y, z) is included.

Loop Antenna Set for Site Validations – PLA-Set

Active battery powered transmit loop antenna PLA-T and active receive loop antenna PLA-R are designed for NSA testing in the frequency range 9 kHz – 30 MHz up to 10 m distance (CISPR 16-1-4 draft)

Also suitable for Shielding Effectiveness measurement with large dynamic range (EN50147-1, IEEE 299) and no need for additional power amplifier.

Antenna mounting and stand for easy change of orientation (x, y, z) and laser pointer for alignment included.

Antenna Stand SAM

The SAM antenna stand was developed for easy and precise mounting of antennas for EMC test site validation purposes and is now available for your test house. It allows the mounting of EMC test antennas and adjust the height and polarization manually. Furthermore the tilting of the antennas is supported as required for FAR validations.


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